Monday, January 18, 2016

To Induce or not to induce...

I had a wonderful pregnancy with Hunter. It was textbook. No complications, normal and stress free. Until the very end of my pregnancy.

My due date with Hunter was July 2nd. I was soooo excited for this day to come. I couldn't wait to meet the baby inside of me. But I did understand that due dates are not always accurate and don't mean baby will be here on that date. In fact I always had this gut feeling that I wouldn't have the baby then..I always felt that I would be pregnant past my due date.

Thanks to my mother's intuition I was right! July 2nd came and went and no baby. I hadn't had contractions or anything! I remember going to my weekly dr appts and praying that there was progress in the dilation area. Each time...nothing. My Dr finally told me that she would induce me if I wanted, but it wouldn't be until I was at least a week late. When talking with her I got the impression that she really didn't want me to induce. She wanted me to wait until 42 weeks to induce. But I did not want to wait until I was 2 weeks late! I was ready for this baby! We scheduled an appt for the following week and she said I would make the induction decision then. I'm not going to lie...I was disappointed. I remember getting to my car, calling my husband and crying. I was a hot mess.

See the thing was my husband and I decided early on to put all our trust into my dr and whatever she said we would do. I needed it to be this way. I don't trust people in general, but my Dr. I do completely trust. She has been doing this for over 30 years and delivered my husband and brother in law. My mother-in-law had difficulty having children and it was until she saw Dr. R that she had her 2 children. She always says she has her sons because of Dr. R.

So I was torn. My gut was telling me to be induced but my head was telling me to not go against my doctor. I had no idea what to do...

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