Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Leash

Has anyone every leashed your child? I feel like this is a pretty hot topic. I'm not going to lie, before I became a mom I was so against leashing children. I would always say typical things like "a child is not a dog", or "I guess they can't control or discipline their child if they have him or her on a leash". I so judged others who leashed their child. I know, it's wrong. But I'm pretty sure many others have done the same thing.

However, now that I am a mom to a very active toddler, I am actually considering leashing my him. Let me explain why...

So Hunter is actually really good about walking and holding hands. He actually prefers to hold hands. We were walking through the mall, and I tried to explain to him that if he wanted to let go of my hand he could, but he would have to stay next to me. But he said "no". So we kept holding his hands. But we went to a free concert at a local outdoor mall a couple weeks ago and that is where all hell broke loose. So this concert is very family friendly and there is a big field for people to sit and kids to play. We got there, set up our chairs and blankets and he took off! He must have seen other young children walking and running around and that was it. Of course my husband and I started laughing (because really who can't) and that was probably our biggest mistake. He ended up thinking that running away was a game. The entire night hubs and I and my nieces were chasing him everywhere. It was HOT as hell and humid and he's sweating, and now we all are too. But he's still running around. We still ended up having a nice time...but it definitely wasn't what I had imagined.

Maybe I had expectations that I'd get to sit there...drink a beer and watch my child play with his cousins right in front of me? Okay I did have those expectations. It honestly never crossed my mind that he would book it and run away. Hey...I'm a first time mom after all.

Anyway, we'd love to go back, but now i'm considering a least so I can keep him in a general area. I'm not talking about those leash backpacks. I still think those are ridiculous. I'm thinking something like this...

ok so maybe that is ridiculous too? I feel like others are going to judge me...the same way I used to judge. Maybe it's karma for me? Or maybe I shouldn't care at all, and just do what is best for my family.

What are your thoughts of leashing children? Do you have any advice for me?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Back to blogging I'm really going to try to keep up with this blog. I love to write, but always seem to forget about blogging. I'd really like to work on writing more, sharing more, getting more readers, reading others blogs and meeting more moms like me!

School is winding down for the year, so I'll definitely have more time to write. My last day is June 13th! Can't wait!!

Hunter's last day in school will be June 16th! We haven't told the director yet, but we have already signed up him and paid our deposit for him to start the new daycare (where my husband works) in September. We weren't sure if we were going to start him in early August or when I go back to work. But ultimately we decided it would be best to start in when the new school year starts, in September. Plus we will save a TON of money! Can't beat that!

So it will be me and him all summer long! I'm excited! I've already pinned many things that we are going to do at home during the day! I'm definitely interested in experiencing what it's like to be a SAHM. Be on the look out of a post about it! If anyone has ideas of things to do, please share!

Here's to 30 something days left of work and a mommy, toddler filled summer!

He stole my milkshake...and i never got it back! LOL