Monday, December 21, 2015

Oh hello Santa

I loved Santa growing up! Even after I figured out that Santa wasn't a real person I loved Santa! I loved the idea of him! I always enjoyed going to see him at the mall when I was growing up. So naturally now that I have my own child I couldn't wait to take him to meet Santa!

I just love how Hunter and Santa have the same expression! We went with my SIL, BIL and nieces. We are going to go next year too. It will be a tradition! Can't wait! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm losing my mind & my hair...

 Well I'm losing my mind over losing my hair! Postpartum hair loss is real and it sucks!!

I always had thick beautiful hair before I got pregnant. When I got pregnant and started pre natal vitamins it just became more thick and beautiful. While I was pregnant I did read about postpartum hair loss but didn't research it too much because there were more important things to look up on google! haha But now I'm wishing I had looked more into it.

My hair was fine until about the time Hunter turned 4 months. Then my hair started falling out...not just a couple clumps! Every time I take a shower I lose more and more. I have to brush my hair standing away from the sink because a ton of hair falls out. I am constantly finding pieces of my hair every where...on my baby, on my shirt, on my pants, on my pillow, on the floor, in my food (ewwww), on the cats! I'm literally shedding!

Do you see how it's like all around my hairline??? I can't stand the way it looks...I don't wear my hair up because of the thinning!

I need to do something about it. I need to figure out how to make it grow back...or how to stop losing it! I'm worried I'm going to have no hair eventually.

I really just want my old hair back...

Anyone have an advice for me??

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hunter's first taste of cereal

Now that Hunter is 5 months we got the okay from his doctor to start rice cereal! We were sooo excited to be able to start giving him some more "solid" food! You see I think Hunter would drink as much formula as we let him if he had it his way. He drinks 6 oz every 3 to 3 1/2 hours but he loves to eat and cries when the bottle is empty!

So we sat him up in his bumbo seat and put the tray on his bib on. He was probably thinking what the hell is going on? I don't drink bottles in here! He is still working on sitting up completely in the seat. He still leans forward often. So while I was feeding him J helped him sit back. Overall he did really well. He seemed to really like it and attacked the spoon everytime it was in his mouth! I'd say it was a win!

first bite... his face lol
The only thing that made it difficult was that his doctor said to give it to him 1 hour before his bottle. This made things difficult because usually he is sleeping an hour before his bottle. So we kept him up longer than we normally would and he was a crank! I think he would have enjoyed the cereal if he weren't tired.

Last night we were out and about and he didn't nap between feedings so I decided we would just give him his rice cereal and then his bottle and then bed. Worked like a charm! He was soo much happier during the cereal because he was hungry! He actually cried when it was all gone! lol

Can't wait to start baby food next month!

Friday, December 11, 2015

5 months update

Dear Hunter,

Today you are 5 months old!

I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday I gave birth to you and we met for the 1st time. You have changed so much each month. This month we celebrated your first Thanksgiving. Sorry you didn't get to eat year.

Stats: We had your 4 month dr appointment on November 30th. You are 14 lbs 11 oz and 26 1/4 inches.

Eating: You love to eat! You've always been like that. Now you are eating 6 oz every 3 to 3 1/2 hours! If your sleeping you can go 4 hrs. We still have to stick a paci in your mouth after you finish a bottle because you scream for more! lol

Sleep: You are a great sleeper. You have been sleeping through the night for a couple months now. Once and a while you have a bad night where you wake up early...or don't sleep well. But for the most part you sleep great! Daycare broke you of the swaddle about a month and half now it's all sleep sacks.

Mood: You are just such a happy baby! You are always smiling and laughing! Mommy and Daddy feel soo lucky to have such a happy baby! You only cry if you are hungry or tired!

Clothes: You officially started wearing 6 months clothes. You have been wearing 6 month sleepers for a while know because you are so long. But you still can wear most 3 months clothes as well, but they are getting smaller. Some 6 months clothes are pants. Sorry kid you have no butt like your mom and dad. lol

Likes: Since you figured out how to roll from back to belly you do it all the time. Definitely a like! You also like your playmat and the musical sun on it. You like to swing and smile at daycare! Still like to suck and lick your hands. Sleeping on your side.

Dislikes: Being on your tummy too long. You like tummy time for as long as you are okay with it. When you've had enough you cry!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Baby's 1st Christmas

In just 3 short weeks we will be celebrating Hunter's 1st Christmas...and I am so NOT prepared! J and I haven't bought anything for him yet! I know...bad mommy.

One of the main reasons we haven't is because I have NO clue what to get him! I don't want to get him clothes because we always get a ton of that and he's not really ready for toys since he will only be 5 months.

I have looked at some toys though and I am thinking of getting him something musical. Hunter loves music. He loves when I sing to him and loves when music is playing. So when I saw this awesome fisher price music center I had to learn more about it.

I also think it would be cool to get him a jump activity center. Something like this...

Or maybe a musical tummy time mat..

or this baby einstein octopus..

I'm sure we'll figure it out...for all I know we will probably get everything for him! haha

Do you have any ideas what to get a 4 month old for Christmas?

Friday, December 4, 2015

My son is a picasso!

I am a full time working mom which means that Hunter goes to daycare or baby school as I like to call it! We couldn't have picked a better place. He has wonderful teachers who love on him all day. When I look back we had nothing to worry about before we sent him...but you know we are 1st time parents and it's normal to worry!

One of my favorite things about him going to baby school is the "art work" they do with him. Here are just a few of the pieces I will cherish forever :)

I just love the ones where they put his face on things! It's hysterical!

The baby foot prints aren't so bad that we will have his tiny baby feet forever!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Why we didn't find out the gender of our baby

The biggest question I got during my pregnancy was...

What are you having?

And I would always respond with "a baby!" Then of course the person would say "Well yeah but is it a boy or girl?"

I would then say "We don't know because it's a surprise!"

When I said that I got several different responses from people...

Some people would say how they thought it was great that we were waiting to find out the gender while others were completely perplexed by this decision. They didn't understand why we would wait to find out when we could know now.

Honestly finding out the gender of your baby is a personal decision. But here are several reasons why my husband and I opted to wait...

  1. Best surprise ever: I'll never forget hearing my Dr and nurses(who were my best friends during labor) yell out "It's a BOY!!". My husband and I looked at each other and grinned. When they placed that little boy on me I cried tears of joy!
  2. You are already halfway there: By the time you can actually find out the gender you are already 20 weeks pregnant. That means that you have already waited 20 weeks without knowing. I didn't think waiting another 20 weeks would kill me.
  3. Healthy baby: All that mattered to us was that our baby was healthy. Boy or girl...we didn't care.
  4. Extra motivation: Labor is HARD! The hardest thing I've done in my life. The fact that I didn't know the gender of my baby made me that much more motivated to push him out! I was more focused and definitely think it's one of the main reasons I kept fighting when it got hard and didn't give up. I wanted to know if baby was a boy or girl!