Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snowed in

I'm sure you have seen that there was a blizzard last weekend and a bunch of states were affected. Well we live in one of those states...and we got a ton a snow! Over 2 feet to be exact!

That was our backyard! We couldn't even open the side or back door! Last time I was in a blizzard was when I was growing up.

Needless to say school has been cancelled since last Friday, but it's allowed us to have some quality family time. Hunter got to experience the snow for the 1st time!

He really didn't care for it...I recorded a video of him with the snow inside and he cried :( I'm sure next year he will like it more!

I don't have work today, but Hunter's school was open so I decided to send him. Honestly I was so looking forward to today but now that it's here and I'm home without him I feel weird. I know he's having fun at daycare but I miss him. 3 pm can't come soon enough :)

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