Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm losing my mind & my hair...

 Well I'm losing my mind over losing my hair! Postpartum hair loss is real and it sucks!!

I always had thick beautiful hair before I got pregnant. When I got pregnant and started pre natal vitamins it just became more thick and beautiful. While I was pregnant I did read about postpartum hair loss but didn't research it too much because there were more important things to look up on google! haha But now I'm wishing I had looked more into it.

My hair was fine until about the time Hunter turned 4 months. Then my hair started falling out...not just a couple clumps! Every time I take a shower I lose more and more. I have to brush my hair standing away from the sink because a ton of hair falls out. I am constantly finding pieces of my hair every where...on my baby, on my shirt, on my pants, on my pillow, on the floor, in my food (ewwww), on the cats! I'm literally shedding!

Do you see how it's like all around my hairline??? I can't stand the way it looks...I don't wear my hair up because of the thinning!

I need to do something about it. I need to figure out how to make it grow back...or how to stop losing it! I'm worried I'm going to have no hair eventually.

I really just want my old hair back...

Anyone have an advice for me??

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