Monday, December 7, 2015

Baby's 1st Christmas

In just 3 short weeks we will be celebrating Hunter's 1st Christmas...and I am so NOT prepared! J and I haven't bought anything for him yet! I know...bad mommy.

One of the main reasons we haven't is because I have NO clue what to get him! I don't want to get him clothes because we always get a ton of that and he's not really ready for toys since he will only be 5 months.

I have looked at some toys though and I am thinking of getting him something musical. Hunter loves music. He loves when I sing to him and loves when music is playing. So when I saw this awesome fisher price music center I had to learn more about it.

I also think it would be cool to get him a jump activity center. Something like this...

Or maybe a musical tummy time mat..

or this baby einstein octopus..

I'm sure we'll figure it out...for all I know we will probably get everything for him! haha

Do you have any ideas what to get a 4 month old for Christmas?


  1. We haven't gotten anything for Isabella either, I feel bad sometimes because it is her first Christmas also and we don't even have a Christmas tree yet! it's awful! We have made it our mission to get the tree this week though. As far as a Christmas present for your little boy, any of the ones you listed sound good, though I like the jump activity center more. I think he would have a blast playing in it :)

    1. Christmas with a young baby is definitely difficult! Especially since you are still adjusting! Next year it will be easier for sure!