Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thunderstorms & Rainbows

Yesterday we had some nasty weather in the early evening. Nothing out of the ordinary...Summer is Maryland is somewhat similar to when we lived in Florida. It get really HOT and then thunderstorms in the afternoon. Only difference is that in Maryland the heat doesn't last. We get breaks where it will be low 80s! It's wonderful!

So yesterday the high was in the 90s and then we got some NASTY thunderstorms. I was afraid that our gorgeous weeping willow was going to knock down our power lines. Thank GOD it didn't! But after the storm had passed I noticed that the back of the house was sunny and it was shining through the front and across the street. I immediately thought there could be a rainbow. I opened the front door and low and behold I was RIGHT!!!

It was actually a full double rainbow...but it's difficult to get a picture.

Since we have lived here I have seen 2 rainbows. I don't really remember seeing so many before in my life. Either I just didn't notice them, or there just weren't any. I don't know why, but I feel like whenever I see these rainbows they are a sign. A sign that we are very blessed and lucky to be in the house we are in.

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