Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July 2014

Wow that 3 day weekend went by fast! I don't have work part of being a teacher! But J does.

4th of July weekend was a blast this year! My sister-in-law's grandmother always has a big party on the 4th and we are lucky enough to get invited! So we headed up there in the afternoon and had a ton of fun! There is always an awesome spread of delicious food, games, and spending good times with family!

After the party we came home, J cut the grass and I sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Then we decided to get the fire started :)

and of course we made s'mores!

As the sun went down our neighbors started the firework show! it was awesome...the local park that normally has fireworks by us cancelled them this year because of construction. I was really disappointed when I first found out, but once the neighbors started shooting off their fireworks I was happy!

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