Monday, March 30, 2015

Vacation Over...

So I'm sure you've noticed that I've been gone for some time, but I'm back now and with some pretty awesome news!

J and I are expecting a BABY!!!!!

That is kind of why I took the break to begin with. Let me explain. See this past summer we decided we wanted to start trying to conceive. After about 2 months of trying I got discouraged and pretty down about life and ultimately decided to stop writing. It probably wasn't the best thing because I think writing through my frustration would have helped. But you live and learn right?

I have been keeping track of my pregnancy in a personal way, but now i'm ready to share with the world!

I'm officially 26 weeks pregnant and due July 2, 2015! So far things have been great! I will say I was one of the lucky women who didn't get morning sickness at all! I literally had 1 day where I felt queasy but other than that I've been fine!

I've been trying my best to take pictures often...some weeks I remember and then I skip a couple. But for the most part I have a nice collection of the growing bump and I will definitely do a post with all the pictures!

I hope that with me actively keeping track of my pregnancy on here I will record things that I may not have remembered if I didn't write about it here!

Anyway, here's to being back from "vacation" and our baby in July!!

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